Heart Attack

heart factors plusFebruary 13th, 2011 I woke at 1.30am with chest pains………. Weeks earlier at the Woolamai Races it was a beautiful day about 25 deg. with a light breeze, it was a day where the family get together and we enjoy a day at the races. I don’t bet but I do go in the punters club and let someone else place bets for me. At the end of the day I picked up the esky and walked the short distance to the car. I was out of breath and put it down to I’m getting older and can’t do what I use to.

The week before my heart attack I was getting chest pains every time I tried to do anything. If I mowed the lawns I would have to stop and rest, if I walked too far I would have to stop and rest. Resting for five would help and the pain would go away, I didn’t want to admit that there was anything seriously wrong and decided to ignored it, and just hoped it would just go away.

February 13th, 2011 I woke at 1.30am with chest pains. I got up and turned the computer on thinking I would do some work and the pain in my chest would go away in a few minutes like it had before. The pain didn’t go away instead it got worst, to the point I was finding it hard to breathe. It was about 2.00am when I wake Jeanette (my wife) and asked her to call an ambulance, she was yelling at me, saying I should have gone to see the doctor when she told me to, I think she was mad with me and had good reason to be.

I had some idea I was having a heart attack but still didn’t want to believe it, as far as I knew there was no family history of heart disease, so why was I having a heart attack. I was sure when the ambulance arrived, they would give me something to make me feel better and I would be fine.

The nursing staff in the emergency department at Wonthaggi hospital went about their job in a way that helped put me a ease, and I knew I was in good hands. I was asked to rate the pain out of 10 and I rated it as 7/10, hard to rate something when you have nothing to compare it to.

I know I was there for a long time but the time to me seemed to go very quickly.  It took some time before Jeanette was aloud in to see me, I knew she was in the waiting room and when she came in I was glad to see her.

The pain had eased to 1/10 when I was transported to Dandenong Hospital, and I was feeling much better.  Jeanette rode in the ambulance (up front with the driver) to Dandenong Hospital, I was glad she was with me.

heart factors plusIt was about 6.30am when I arrived at Dandenong Hospital, Jeanette had rung our daughter and she was waiting there when the ambulance pulled up and she looked worried. I was taken to cardiac care department and made comfortable and hooked up to a monitor.

The nursing staff at Dandenong Hospital are all very good, everything that was done to me, or that was going to be done, was explained in a way that I could understand, and this put me at ease. Jeanette, Daniel (son) and Elizabeth (daughter) were all allowed to stay with me, and spent most of the day with me; this made the stay in hospital go very quickly.

While I was in Dandenong Hospital I was told about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and I was encouraged to join the program. The Wonthaggi Hospital run’s the program, and I am very glad I have joined. It runs on every Tuesday for eight weeks and you learn a lot from the staff with the talks that they give, and it is good to be around people that all have something in common with you.

I would like to thank the two Paramedics that attended to me at my home and transported me to emergency at Wonthaggi Hospital – it must be difficult being the first to see the patient, I hope I didn’t make it too hard for you.

Thank you to the nursing staff in the emergency department at Wonthaggi Hospital. – You went about your business knowing I was not in a good way but at no time did you show it.

Thank you to the two Paramedics that transported me from Wonthaggi Hospital to Dandenong Hospital. – I don’t remember much of the trip, I keep dozing off and on.

A special thank you to the nursing staff at Dandenong Hospital for looking after me so well. – You explained everything you were doing in a way that I was able to understand and this put Jeanette and myself as ease. Thank you to the doctors that saw me each morning and explained what was happening, what could happen and what was going to happen.

Thank you to the staff at Monash Hospital that put the stent in my artery. – I was a bit worried that I was to be awake when this was being done but the way you all went about your job put me at ease.

A special thank you to Jeanette (my wife) for putting up with me before the heart attack, (I should have listened to you and seen a doctor) and thank you for taking such good care of me when I came home from hospital.


heart factors plusI believe because of all the people I have mentioned above I am a heart attack survivor.

Neil Swainston

Ps. Heart factors plus is a product I would now consider taken.

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